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Carpet cleaning - before


Carpet cleaning - after


Carpet cleaned - side by side comparison


Sanctuary carpet cleaned at Liberty Assembly of God


Carpet cleaning - hand brushing to remove stains


Carpet cleaning - hand brushing to remove stains



Carpet cleaning - Liberty Assembly of God - Phil Dyer - owner


Carpet cleaned - St. Luke's sanctuary


Carpet cleaning - was a heavily soiled carpet in places.  Came out looking great!


Upholstery cleaning - furniture is scrubbed by hand for that TLC your furniture deserves.  Dries quickly too!


Upholstery cleaning - faux suede couch.  When we arrived it was heavily stained.  They had tried to clean it themselves with a rental unit, and it was a real mess.  The stains remained and it was streiked.   As you can see it now looks great.


Upholstery Cleaning - faux suede - companion chair to the couch above.  Once again, heavily soiled.  Now looks great!


Wall washing - home that we washed walls for.  Included living room, entrance, hallways, kitchen including the cabinets, study, 3 bedrooms, and entire finished large basement.  They were so happy with our work they had us come back and   do the whole house carpet cleaning 2 weeks later.



Home cleaning - bathroom - Want your home something you can feel good about.  When PSM Cleaning cleans your home, your bathroom, kitchen and entire home will sparkle and smell clean and fresh!


Commercial Cleaning -  re-finished a 5,000 square foot floor for one of our regular weekly cleaning commerical customers.  Look at that shine!


If this shirt is not on the person who cleans your home or business, you got the wrong company! You deserve the best!


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